EB Games Celebrates National Launch of Electronic Arts' Madden NFL 06

EB Games Celebrates National Launch of Electronic Arts' Madden NFL 06

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7/30/2005 3:05:36 PM | Event |
EB Games Celebrates National Launch of Electronic Arts' Madden NFL 06

EB Games stores across the nation will host a special "Madden NFL '06" "Tailgate Weekend" on Saturday, July 30th and Sunday, July 31st to celebrate the upcoming launch of Electronic Arts' (EA Sports) long-awaited new installment in the Madden NFL video game series. In addition to having the opportunity to pre-order the title, the "Madden NFL '06" "Tailgate Weekend" gatherings will offer avid and casual gamers alike who enjoy the Madden NFL series the opportunity to demonstrate their gaming skills and take part in a special live video game celebration. Participating EB Games stores throughout the U.S. will host a "Madden NFL 2005" video game tournament, where competitors will have a chance to win an officially licensed Mad Catz NFL controller, along with other giveaways.

"Madden NFL '06" is the latest addition to one of the best selling video game sports franchises of all time. The series, which is rated "E" and offers game play appeal for sports fans of all ages, continues to offer precision maneuvers and advanced graphics that make it the industry's most legendary football video game experience.

The title will ship on August 8th, becoming available for the first time to pre-order customers at midnight that evening. The vast majority of EB Games stores will be holding a special midnight launch of "Madden NFL '06" on the night of August 8th, and customers who pre-ordered the game will have the opportunity to come in to their local EB Games store at midnight to obtain the game early. The highly anticipated title will then officially be available to the general public on August 9th at more than 1,500 EB Games stores in the United States. Some EB Games stores will be opening early to accommodate their customers' busy schedules.

"Madden NFL '06" will sell for $49.99 for the PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox, and Game Cube systems, $39.99 for the Nintendo DS system, and $29.99 for GameBoy Advance. The title will also be available for PC at a price of $39.99 (later in August) and Sony PSP at a price of $49.99 (in September).

For the first time in 10 years, the Madden NFL Football franchise has revolutionized its passing game -- giving "Madden NFL '06" the most groundbreaking and innovative offensive arsenal ever created. The game's new Quarterback Vision Control feature lets players scan the field, look off defenders, and extend perfect throws within their unique field of vision. Formation-specific audibles and smart routes that allow receivers to extend their patterns to pick up crucial yardage have also been added to accentuate the passing attack.

Additionally, video game sports fans of all ages can now play the game in a whole new way in "NFL Superstar Mode" by guiding an up-and-coming collegiate All-Star to an NFL All-Pro -- complete with endorsements, agents, and more. Players will have the opportunity to pick apart defenses and become an NFL legend with "Madden NFL '06," the only licensed and true-to-life NFL experience.

Other upgrades to "Madden NFL '06" include more robust online features that enable users to share files via an EA Locker and instantly find a solid match-up with improved matchmaking; a broadcast presentation delivering improved graphics, scripted scenes, and new replays and sequences; a Truck Stick Control providing big hits on offense to break tackles, pancake defenders, and clear a path to the end zone; Real NFL Gameplay features such as smart routes, defensive keys, and blocking assignments; and updated sound and commentary; Total Control Simulation sound to quickly simulate results on a play-by-play basis; a new game plan that allows users to practice plays to counter their opponent's strengths and exploit their weaknesses; and an improved radio show featuring new callers and segments from the Tony Bruno Show.

Consumers who have pre-ordered the title will also have the opportunity to receive a free EA Sports Fantasy Football Commissioner service (valued at $49.99). Commissioners will experience all of the "must have" fantasy football features (live scoring, injury updates, league news, message boards, trades, expert analysis, and more); have the ability to check fantasy statistics, earn medals, and view trade proposals in "Madden NFL '06"; receive the EA SPORTS Edge, an exclusive analyzer tool to help optimize the starting lineup; and receive the advantage of MaddenView, an all-new prediction tool using "Madden NFL '06" to make fantasy football picks, and other exclusive VIP prizes.

EB Games Celebrates National Launch of Electronic Arts' Madden NFL 06

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 - EB Games Celebrates National Launch of Electronic Arts' Madden NFL 06

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